Preventative Maintenance for Homes on Lake Norman

Preventative Maintenance for Homes on Lake Norman


We live and play on Lake Norman like a lot of families in and around Mooresville. My husband Carey is adamant about preventing any possible damage or issues to our home. He performs 2 complete inspections on our home every year to ensure it is in tip top shape and anything that needs fixed or repaired is usually a small task for him.

Preventative maintenance and regular inspections will thwart most major home repairs; imagine what damage a water heater leak could do to your home if undetected for months. Shingles that are wind, ice or hail damaged can easily be replaced, but left undetected can cause a major repair and inconvenience later on.

If your Lake Norman home is over 5 years old and has not been periodically inspected, call me and I’ll schedule Carey to come by and see if you need repairs or to just be cautious of potential issues later on. Remember: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! (We say that a lot)



By Christy Matheson
Office Manager
Under 1 Roof

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